Can I Take Photos in Marrakech ?

Marrakech, with its vibrant colors, bustling streets, and rich history, is a haven for photographers. But, as with any destination, there are etiquettes and considerations to keep in mind.

The Allure of Marrakech for Photographers

Marrakech boasts a light quality that photographers dream of. The city’s rare overcast days and the myriad of sights make it tempting to have your camera ready at all times. From the intricate designs of the medinas to the bustling life of the souks, there’s always something worth capturing.

Challenges in Taking Photos in Marrakech

However, taking pictures in Marrakech isn’t always straightforward. With the influx of tourists, locals can sometimes feel overwhelmed. It’s essential to remember that while Marrakech is a tourist destination for many, it’s home to its residents. As such, it’s crucial to approach photography with sensitivity and respect.

Tips for Ethical Photography

Marrakech isn’t a zoo, and its residents aren’t exhibits. While it might be tempting to capture the bright-colored djellabas or the unique foods, always consider the feelings of those you’re photographing. Think about how you’d feel if strangers constantly took photos of you in your hometown. A good rule of thumb is to always ask for permission before taking a picture, especially if it’s of a person.

Getting the Best Shots

The landscapes of Marrakech, from its historic buildings to its sprawling deserts, provide ample opportunities for stunning shots. The golden hours, during sunrise and sunset, offer particularly beautiful lighting. These moments not only provide excellent lighting but also fewer crowds, making for more authentic photos.

Portrait Photography in Marrakech

While landscapes are relatively easy to capture, portraits can be more challenging. Many Moroccans prefer not to have their photos taken, whether for religious reasons or personal preferences. However, with patience and by building rapport, you can capture genuine moments. Always ask for permission, and if someone declines, respect their wishes.

Utilizing Local Photographer

If you’re keen on getting the best shots, consider hiring a local Photographer. We can provide insights into the best locations and help navigate cultural nuances. For instance, a Photographer can takes you to best spots.

Techniques for Candid Shots

For those looking to capture candid moments, discretion is key. Many photographers find success using smaller cameras or even their smartphones. By blending in and not drawing attention to yourself, you can capture genuine moments without being invasive.

Engaging in Local Activities for Unique Shots

Participating in local activities, like cooking classes or artisanal workshops, can provide unique photo opportunities. These experiences allow for a deeper understanding of Marrakech’s culture and a chance to capture its essence.

Marrakech offers a plethora of opportunities for photographers. However, it’s essential to approach the craft with respect and understanding. By doing so, you can capture the city’s beauty while ensuring a positive experience for both you and its residents.


  1. Is it illegal to take photos in Marrakech?
    • No, but it’s essential to ask for permission, especially when photographing people.
  2. Why do some locals decline to be photographed?
    • Reasons can range from religious beliefs to personal preferences.
  3. Are there specific areas where photography is prohibited?
    • Some religious sites and private properties might have restrictions. Always look for signs or ask authorities.
  4. How can I ensure ethical photography in Marrakech?
    • Always ask for permission, be discreet, and respect the local culture and traditions.
  5. Can I hire a local photographer to guide me?